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A few thoughts on the series and movies watched

Master Of Play has ended.
Other than Moses I enjoyed it. His scenes annoyed me more and more near the end, but oh well.

Something I really liked was the sand paintings and the monologues.

The first monologue was probably my favourite out of all.

It is so true.

Humans made up all these "golden verses" to make themselves feel better. (A loss may turn out to be a gain/A blessing in disguise) This is just one of them.

Long time no post...

But don't really feel like posting anything

But came across Bobby's interview where he talked about female artists that he worked with (Esther, Yoyo, Jessica) and also watching Lipstick Circle made me post this.

A joke?

Bobby probably told Yoyo this story about Esther and Nick during The Legendary Four Aces.

I would love to hear more inside stories like this! This is what makes a talk show "good", this is also why I liked Club Sparkle (apart from having Sandra) a lot. As long as the artists are willing to share, there are probably many more of these stories, we as audiences can hear. (Having Bobby on these talk shows would be great, he always has stories to tell.)

And I will try... try.. try. to post at least once a month, or even every week. How do people even have the will to do something like this, whether it is a youtube video or blogging every so often.

Someone teach me =P

Random fact: Joey Meng will be going to TVB tomorrow! Costime Fitting for the series Wong Cho Lam wrote "Cousin, You Are Good"

It seems liked forever that I've (and probably lots of others people) have waited for When Heaven Burns (still like Heaven And Earth more) to air and it is already over.

It is not every one's taste and can be slow, just like most of Chik Ki Yee's series, but at least he does not repeat what he has did and he has casts that can attract me to watch.

I randomly choose to draw a picture after today's final episode.

There aren't any pictures on TVB's site I saw that I wanted to draw or maybe I did not look hard enough.
I wanted to draw the picture of Charmaine staring at the 'toy' but was too lazy to look for it and just randomly came across this following picture while scanning through the episodes.

Date: 1st January, 2012

I should stop choosing such dark/blurry pictures. Hard to see details and lines when it is all black.

My mark: 5/10 [This is just a picture snapped from my camera will scan it later and the other ones, especially the Fly With Me - Ada Choi, which got deleted for some reason]

I suppose this is a good way to start of the new year (= be more productive and update this blog more often.

TVB should also work harder too. I did not even bother to post anything during the anniversary or any "wrap up" of my TVB feelings.
Hope it changes this year.

Happy New Year! (if I still have any readers out there)

It has been a long time since I posted anything, over 4 months.

I've got lots of reviews on series and movies that I started on but never got to finishing, since I didn't stop watching TVB or movies but just never got to the writing and posting part of it.
Plus TVB hasn't been doing too good for me, well... unless you count the 'TVB star scandals' that happen to air a new series every month and that isn't too interesting either.

And still the only series I want to watch is Heaven And Earth or When Heaven Burns and it still hasn't been released. Maybe when that airs I will be blogging a bit more.

What made me blog today was today's episode of Be Home For Dinner, nothing special or super but Becky Lee managed to make me suprised. It isn't the first time either, first time was her singing.

Very different from how normally Tong Jing Jing/Sum Hoi Yi would react but it was cute. Would love to see the writers explore more about her since she is part of the main cast and has improved from the beginning.

BTW... where is the rest of the naked pictorial that the very truthful Miss Lok said??

Life Of Screen is a talk show hosted by Meg Lam Kin Ming broadcasted by ATV (February 1997)
This episode had Leslie Cheung, Maggie Cheung, and Tony Leung.

Link here

Dai Jei Ming is definately good at hosting, too bad she doesn't (can't) host anymore.
Not a big fan of anyone here but still like them, miss real big stars and actual interviews like these.

Maggie talks about Sandra at 16:12 and Tony talks about Sandra at 18:13. All three of them are somewhat close friends with Sandra.

Almost a year ago I saw this clip, it is actually for Only You.

Good for Chin Ka Lok to still be able to do all these stunts.
And good that Chin Ka Lok made episode 16 funny.

Sandra Ng went on A Date With Luyu for promotion of Mr. and Mrs. Incredible (Jan 27-28 2011)
A Date With Luyu is hosted by Chen Lu Yu broadcasted by Phoenix Television

Part 1
Part 2

Part 1 was mainly her past and part 2 was mainly about her relationship with Peter Chan and daughter Jillian.